Built To Suit

From Acquisition to Land Development to Maintenance, we truly tailor a project for your needs.

How built to suit works?

Lease deal is signed with specific causes for lock-in period, specification and deposit or a sale deed to confirm Built-To-Suit.

Avishkar will scout and acquire land on behalf of you.

This is done on an AMC basis as well as on demand.

This is done on an AMC basis as well as on demand.

On demand

Advantages of Built to Suit?

Tailored facilities

One of the biggest advantages in opting for a BTS model is the ability to develop a customized facility to precisely meet needs, with a layout tailored to the company's mission and activities. This can be valuable in the long term, especially when contrasted with the alternative of trying to make a generic building work. Companies may find it easier to expand and reconfigure their operations when they have a customized building to work with.

Low capital investment and financing risk

Land acquisition, construction financing and the ultimate financial ownership of the factory are all covered by the developer. Instead of committing high real estate resources and bearing real estate-related risk, you will now be able to allocate the company capital for operational resources.

Maximum space efficiency

The said model allows you to achieve maximum space efficiency since space is designed specifically to meet your operations’ needs. New construction allows you to incorporate the most cost-effective and efficient systems in the project including energy saving, fire-fighting and logistic aspects, thereby reducing operating and occupancy costs.

Why Choose Avishkar Realty as your Built-To-Suit Partner

  • We are the pioneers of the Built-To-Suit model in Pune.
  • We offer a vast technical experience in execution of Built-To-Suit.
  • We deliver on time and quality.
  • Always looking to up the game, we provide certification in the execution of Green Built-To-Suit spaces.

Built-To-Suit Spectacles